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Asset Management Toronto, Canada





You work hard to build a portfolio, but managing your financial assets, whether its stocks, bonds, or real estate, can be complicated, even during the best of times. When the markets are volatile, it can be even more complex.


When it comes to balancing your portfolio it’s imperative that all of your investments are aligned with your long-term goals and risk tolerance. This can only happen if you protect and increase your wealth and have a clear understanding of how much money you’ll need in retirement.


Instead of making key investment decisions based on gut instinct, your approach to asset management should include an experienced asset management company that provides custom-tailored investment services.

Our Approach to Managing Your Assets

At Sharp Asset Management, our mission is to help you successfully achieve your financial and life goals. Where some asset management companies in Toronto look only at the numbers, Sharp Asset Management prioritizes our relationship with the client above all else.


This personal approach helps us better understand you, your priorities, needs, goals, and risk tolerance, and allows us to create an investment strategy right for you. Once we have established your investment portfolio, we monitor it regularly to ensure it is aligned with your needs and significant changes in the capital markets.


Our investment management team draws from a large resource base of highly qualified professional securities brokers, analysts, economists, independent research firms and account custodians.


Sharp Asset Management is not affiliated with any particular firm, financial institution, or mutual fund company. Nor do we earn commission or fees on investment we select for our clients. This means our team of experienced asset managers are focused exclusively on helping you achieve your unique, long-term investing objectives.

Our Investment Philosophy

We employ a value-driven, disciplined approach to capital markets to help achieve reliable, superior long-term returns. We achieve this using a distinct approach to both fixed income and equity portfolios. This helps reduce volatility and keeps our clients invested through market fluctuations.

Why Choose Us as Your Asset Manager?

Lower and More Transparent Fee Structure

Sharp Asset Management’s low overhead and more specialized approach allows us to reduce our cost structure, which is reflected in the competitive fee of 1%. Fees on non-registered accounts are tax deductible.

Opportunity to Consolidate Accounts

All of our Private Client accounts are held at National Bank Independent Network. By consolidating investment accounts, our licensed independent asset managers can better manage and track the performance of all of your accounts. Clients receive concise monthly or quarterly statements, trade confirmations, and tax information.


At Sharp Asset Management, we will work with you to create and review your savings goals. By monitoring and measuring your progress we are able to take advantage of new opportunities and ensure your investments are aligned with your long-term goals.


We provide detailed quarterly Investment Reviews that help our clients make more informed investment decisions. Our reports track performance and portfolio composition, and provides an analysis of economic and capital markets, transactions, and portfolio evaluations.

Contact Sharp Asset Management in Toronto for Your Investment Needs

Among Toronto asset management companies, Sharp Asset Management stands out because of our holistic customized approach of balancing your investment goals and risk tolerance.


In addition to diligently monitoring our clients’ investments, we provide our clients with direct access to a dedicated asset manager that provides them with personalized service, including extensive quarterly reporting. This also allows us to respond more quickly to changing client needs and market conditions. 


All of our investment counsellors are charter financial analysts, the highest level of achievement, and have over 10 years of experiencing managing portfolios.


If you want to discover how Sharp Asset Management can help with your investments, retirement planning, or estate planning, contact us today.

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