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Financial Planning





Investing and planning for retirement without a financial plan is like building a house without blueprints. You’ll get there eventually but the end result may not be what you were looking for. That’s why it’s important to find an experienced financial planner that understands your goals and investment style.


When seeking a financial advisor in Toronto, however, you need to be careful. There is no government regulation in place for those offering financial planning services. Anyone can say they provide financial planning services in Toronto even if they don’t have any qualifications.


Before you choose an investment counsellor in Toronto or Mississauga you need to do your research and ensure they have the experience and professional designations necessary to help you meet your life goals.

Our Financial Planning Services

While some investment counsellors in Toronto are focused on their client’s bottom line, the financial advisors at Sharp Asset Management understand that the financial planning process begins by understanding who you are and what your goals are. Only then are we able to develop a custom plan designed to help our clients achieve their unique investing objectives.


It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in life, whether you’re planning for retirement, a first home, or university, Sharp Asset Management can help you define your financial goals and develop a financial plan that meets your needs and adapts as your life evolves.


Some of the financial planning areas we serve include retirement planning, estate planning, asset management, and wealth planning.

Our Investment Philosophy

Sharp Asset Management is an independent investment counselling firm that takes a holistic approach to financial planning. We don’t just manage our clients’ finances we consider all aspects of their life and look at the big picture. Only then can we create an investment strategy that achieves consistent, superior long-term rates of return.


When it comes to making important financial planning decisions for our clients, Sharp Asset Management takes a distinct approach to both fixed income and equity portfolios. This allows our team of experienced investment advisors to achieve reliable, long-term returns.

Why Choose Sharp Asset Management?

Sharp Asset Management is an independent portfolio management firm that is 100% owner-operated. As an independent financial advisor, we are not affiliated with any financial institution, securities firm, or mutual fund company. Nor do we earn any commissions or fees on investments we choose for our clients. This gives us the freedom to select the products and services which are best for each client.


Moreover, all of our investment advisors are chartered financial analysts (CFA), the highest level of achievement in the industry and have over 10 years of experience managing portfolios. This is significantly different from major financial institutions which typically rely on junior analysts.


Our seasoned investment advisor team draws from a large resource base of highly qualified professional securities brokers, analysts, economists, independent research firms, and account custodians.

Contact Our Investment Managers Today

You’re never too young or too old to start financial planning. In fact, the best time to start planning for your future is always right now. When it comes to financial planning, Sharp Asset Management provides objective, independent advice that helps you grow, manage, protect your wealth, and make your dreams a reality.


Because we are a boutique firm, our clients have direct access to a dedicated financial advisor that provides them with personalized service. This also allows us to respond more quickly to our clients’ changing goals, circumstances, and investment style.


If you want to talk about your financial future, contact Sharp Asset Management today so we can create a financial plan that suits your personal needs.

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