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Wealth Management




Wealth Management in Toronto

Wealth management is more than financial planning and investing. It’s about personal goals and fulfilment. As your net worth continues to grow, one of the best ways to protect it is with the guidance of wealth management advisor, like Sharp Asset Management.


To create a strong foundation for lasting wealth, your wealth management plan must incorporate every aspect of your financial life, from growing wealth, preserving wealth, planning for retirement, managing an estate, growing a business, and tax strategies.


Only then can you create a wealth management plan that incorporates every aspect of your financial life.

Our Approach to Wealth Management in Toronto

Life can get complex but when it comes to wealth management, Sharp Asset Management creates a straightforward, comprehensive financial plan that will adapt and change with your long-term goals.


We believe that a value-driven, disciplined approach for capital markets enables us to help build, protect, and deliver consistent, superior, long-term rates of return.

Why Choose a Wealth Management Firm to Manage Your Investments?

Lower and More Transparent Fee Structure

Our low overhead and specialized services reduces our cost structure, which we pass onto our clients with a competitive fee of 1%. Fees on non-registered accounts are tax deductible.

Opportunity to Consolidate Accounts

All of our Private Client accounts are held at National Bank Independent Network. By consolidating investment accounts, Sharp Asset Management can better manage and track the performance of all your accounts. Clients receive monthly or quarterly statements, trade confirmations, and tax information.


Your dedicated wealth management advisor will meet with you and review all aspects of your financial life and savings goals. We prepare a plan that fits your goals and values, create a timeline strategy, and monitor your wealth management plan to ensure you’re still on track with meeting your long-term goals.


Sharp Asset Management provides quarterly Investment Reviews that track the performance of your portfolio, portfolio composition, an analysis of economic and capital markets, transactions, and portfolio evaluations.

Get in Touch with Our Toronto Wealth Management Advisors Today!

Sharp Asset Management is an independent, private Toronto-based wealth management firm that provides its clients with an efficient and holistic approach to growing and managing their wealth.


All of our wealth management advisors are chartered financial analysts (CFA), the highest level of achievement in the industry, and have a broad network of qualified, licensed experts and resources.


Sharp Asset Management is not affiliated with any financial institution, securities firm, or mutual fund company. Nor do we earn any commissions or fees on investments we choose for our clients.


That means our team of wealth management professionals is focused exclusively on helping you achieve your unique, long-term investing objectives. This also allows us to respond more quickly to our clients’ changing goals, circumstances, and investment style.


If you want to talk about your financial future, contact Sharp Asset Management so we can create a wealth management plan that suits your personal needs.

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